How They Changed & Became Great

INSPIRATION FOR RAMADAN How They Changed & Became Great Ramadan is a month in which we aspire to become better Muslims. Here are a few…...


Our Salaf During Ramadan

Learning from the early righteous Muslims is critical if we wish to revive Islamic practices in their true spirit. How did our salaf, the pious…...

embraced Islam

‘I Embraced Islam because of Ramadan’

Non-Muslims are intrigued into learning about Islam through Ramadan and many end up embracing the religion, alhamdulillah. In this compilation, we share comments from reverts…...

life after Ramadan in lockdown

Continue The Change After Ramadan

This Ramadan has been like none other. However, it's amazing to note that we may be a lot closer to the Ramadan of the Prophet (ﷺ) and the early generations this year.

Sleeping & Resting While Fasting

Question: I spend my day in Ramadan asleep or at rest since I am unable to work due to my (experiencing) severe pangs of hunger…...

What Nullifies The Fast?

Question: What Nullifies The Fast? A: Sexual intercourse; Eating; Drinking; The emission of Mani (semen) due to desire; Whatever bears the characteristics of food and…...