How They Changed & Became Great

INSPIRATION FOR RAMADAN How They Changed & Became Great Ramadan is a month in which we aspire to become better Muslims. Here are a few inspirational stories from the people of the past who changed and became better. Let’s make this Ramadan the change for our lives in sha Allah. Al-Fudayl ibn Iyaad Al-Fudayl bin …

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Our Salaf During Ramadan

Learning from the early righteous Muslims is critical if we wish to revive Islamic practices in their true spirit. How did our salaf, the pious predecessors, observe Ramadan? In this article, we compile some narrations that throw light on their mindset and striving during this blessed month. 1.     Wishing for Ramadan Mu‘alla ibn al-Fadhl said, “The companions of the …

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Overeating in Ramadan: Whose sunnah are we following?

overeating in ramadan

LOOKING at the surfeit of food on our sufras, it never ceases to appall me how much time, energy, expense and effort is spent in preparing, consuming, serving and clearing up elaborate meals in the name of “maintaining Ramadan traditions.” It’s no secret that harried housewives and working women have resorted to outsourcing traditional Ramadan fare, and …

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The Big Fight of Ramadan: Get over your self!


Ramadan is the month of conquests, when Muslims have been blessed with numerous historic victories: there was the Battle of Badr (Ramadan 17, 3 AH), when a miniscule, ill-equipped Muslim force defeated a 1000-strong contingent of Arabia’s haughtiest warriors; there was the Conquest of Makkah (Ramadan 20/22, 8 AH), when the Muslims peacefully took charge …

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Continue The Change After Ramadan

life after Ramadan in lockdown

This Ramadan has been like none other. However, it’s amazing to note that we may be a lot closer to the Ramadan of the Prophet (ﷺ) and the early generations this year.

Sleeping & Resting While Fasting

Question: I spend my day in Ramadan asleep or at rest since I am unable to work due to my (experiencing) severe pangs of hunger and thirst, so does this affect the validity of my fast? A- This does not affect the validity of the fast, (rather) therein is an increase of reward due to …

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What Nullifies The Fast?

Question: What Nullifies The Fast? A: Sexual intercourse; Eating; Drinking; The emission of Mani (semen) due to desire; Whatever bears the characteristics of food and drink; Intentional vomiting; The emission of blood due to cupping; The emission of menstrual and postpartum blood. – Sheikh Muhammad Bin Salih Al-‘Uthaimeen, Islamic Verdicts on the Pillars of Islam