Day: April 22, 2021

The Big Fight of Ramadan: Get over your self!


Ramadan is the month of conquests, when Muslims have been blessed with numerous historic victories: there was the Battle of Badr (Ramadan 17, 3 AH), when a miniscule, ill-equipped Muslim force defeated a 1000-strong contingent of Arabia’s haughtiest warriors; there was the Conquest of Makkah (Ramadan 20/22, 8 AH), when the Muslims peacefully took charge…...

‘I Embraced Islam because of Ramadan’

embraced Islam

Non-Muslims are intrigued into learning about Islam through Ramadan and many end up embracing the religion, alhamdulillah. In this compilation, we share comments from reverts who embraced Islam after being influenced by Ramadan while living in the UAE. ‘Being a part of Muslims’ “Muslims wait for the onset of Ramadan, they fast during the month…...