December 30, 2014

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Step by step: How to easily understand the Qur’an


“And indeed, We have made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, then is there any that will remember (receive admonition)?” (Qur’an, 54: 17) THIS is just one verse out of numerous in the Qur’an that points to the universality of the Qur’anic message and the fact that it is easy to understand and remember; “an Arabic…...

Eating Less: Science Validates Sunnah Yet Again


DO you know that scientists have recently found that eating less leads to a healthier and longer life? And that eating less is exactly what the Prophet ﷺ recommended 14 centuries ago? Isn’t that amazing?! Sometime ago I read about an interesting clinical trial that was underway at Washington University in Boston, called ‘Calerie’ (Comprehensive…...