Juz’u `Amma – A Basic Study



Author: Umm Muhammad

Based on well-known Arabic sources, the meanings are clarified in English. [PDF]

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Juz’u ‘Amma is the most commonly recited and memorized portion of the Qur’ān. Its early revelations came in powerful language consisting of short, concise but eloquent sentences; their literary style was so unique that it attracted a great deal of attention. Logical evidences supported the universal truths expressed within them. Their verses exposed the errors of the idolaters and criticized their blind adherence to a religion of unsanctioned customs.

They refute the misconception that man is self-sufficient, independent of Allah and unaccountable to Him. And they convey basic principles of morality, ethics and righteous conduct taught by all prophets as an indispensable part of Allah’s religion. This English language tafseer of the Qur’an’s 30th part is based on well-known Arabic sources and convenient for study. 200 pp.

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Umm Muhammad


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