A Priceless Princess: Islamic book for children / teenagers



This e-book is written in honor of a Muslim daughter. As a mother, there are many things we want to say to our daughter; however, it is becoming more difficult as time passes because we must live our own lives. This e-book serves as a reminder to a daughter that no matter where she goes, her mother’s dream will always be with her. Be on the straight path of Islam, my love. That is the core of our life.

Sold By: Nasiroh Omar
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This book is written by me, a Muslim mother for my daughter whom I called A Priceless Princess. Why? Because in Islam a daughter is a priceless gift from Allah (God). A daughter is considered as part of our everlasting treasure, not only for the life in this world but also for the life of the Hereafter. Whatever she did in the past, present, and will do in the future contributes as rewards or sins to her parents. Knowing the responsibility of having a daughter, I’m constantly worried about what challenges she will face. Will she be a successful Muslimah? Will she achieve a good balance not only in this world but in the world Hereafter? As time flies, she will grow and lead her own life. So I decided to follow her anywhere and at any time … with a collection of my love notes. I pray other mothers and care takers will find some comfort in my words and use this book as a precious gift for their own priceless princesses, Insha Allah.

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