Hajj Special: 1442H

In the cover photo, pilgrims perform Tawaf during Hajj in 2020/1441.​
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Hajj Of The Prophet ﷺ And His Farewell Sermon


HOW often do we desire to see the face of our beloved Prophet ﷺ? How often are we, when we travel to Makkah or Madina, moved by the fact that this was the place the Prophet ﷺ walked with his Sahabah, fighting the falsehood and establishing the truth. Those in Hajj experience this exceptional emotional bond for doing all what our beloved ﷺ did.

What more can increase the bond than reading about how exactly the Prophet ﷺ performed his Hajj? Do read this beautiful and comprehensive narration of Jabir (RA) regarding the Hajj of the Prophet ﷺ. Books have been written about this narration and so many benefits have been derived from this hadeeth.

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