Are The Doctors Allowed To Lie To Their Patients?

Question:Doctors may need to lie to the patients concerning their health condition, especially as the patient may get worse if he or she knows their real condition. Is the doctor sinful for doing this?

Forgetting To Wash A Small Part During Wudu’

Question:If while performing Wudu’ (ablution), I forget to wash a small part of a limb that must be washed during Wudu’, which I remembered immediately after Wudu’. Should I repeat Wudu’ in this case, or is it enough to wash the part I forget?

How to perform Ghusl

How to perform Ghusl: Make an intention for purification Wash the private parts Make Wudhoo’ (ablution) like the Wudhoo’ done for prayer Pour water first on the right side, then the left side. Pour water on the head, covering the entire body with water Washing the feet should be delayed until the end of the …

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Ramadan Fatawa

What nullifies the fast Q- What nullifies the fast? A- Sexual intercourse; Eating; Drinking; The emission of Mani (semen) due to desire; Whatever bears the characteristics of food and drink; Intentional vomiting; The emission of blood due to cupping; The emission of menstrual and postpartum blood. – Sheikh Muhammad Bin Salih Al-‘Uthaimeen, Islamic Verdicts on …

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