Mothering the Ummah

OUR Ummah is formed through blocks of families, and each block contributes to our society. A mother plays a vital role in it as upon her lies the upbringing of the children who eventually have a family of their own. The mother is mainly responsible for the upbringing of sensible and virtuous children who would …

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‘My Husband is Not Religious’

IF you were brought up with a religious background – where it was normal for you to wear hijab once you were supposed to, to attend religious talks, and seek knowledge – the expectations when you had to get married would have been high. A lot of women conscious of the deen look for someone …

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‘Don’t Worry, I’ll Change Her’

YOU must have heard this statement many a time from today’s youth. This has become such a common and convincing cliche that it makes you ask: “Does this excuse validate marrying someone who doesn’t have the same priorities and goals as you, neither in the Dunya nor Aakhirah?”

Dealing with Non-Muslim Families

Undoubtedly, the greatest blessing Allah can bestow upon a person in this life is opening his heart to the guidance of Islam. The new Muslim is one chosen by his Lord to be enlightened and purified due to divine knowledge of the good within his or her soul. Then, in return for acceptance of the …

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