Top 10 Muharram Misconceptions

Muharram is marked in many places by chest-thumping, flagellating crowds and processions that leave traffic jams and chaos in their wake. People make special sweets and dishes and line streets with streamers and lamps, to the extent that non-Muslims mistake these ceremonies for a celebration and might even wish Muslims “Happy Muharram”! While many Muslims …

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Sincerely for Allah: Al-Ikhlaas Explained

THE verb khalasa means ‘to become pure, clear, free or safe’, and akhlasa is ‘to purify something’. So ikhlaas means ‘purification’ – the purification of one’s belief and intention, which leads to sincerity in worship. Ikhlaas can also indicate the purification of one’s deeds from riyaa’ (showing off), in complete obedience to Allah alone. Every …

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In Allah We Trust: What Tawakkul Really Means

“At-Tawakkul ‘ala Allah“ is the Islamic concept of complete reliance on Allah or “trusting in Allah’s plan.” The root word in Arabic is وَكَلَ (wakala) which means to entrust, charge or authorize. Allah is al-Wakeel, the Disposer of Affairs, the One entrusted, relied upon, depended upon and sufficient to take care of all matters. Difference …

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