Day: April 14, 2018

Indian Dalits say ‘we will convert to Islam’ to escape persecution

Open letter from women to men

India, where an age-old caste system is still practiced in many parts of the society, frequently sees reports of violence against the Scheduled (or “the untouchable”) Caste/Tribe by those who believe they are from the “Upper Caste”.  Recently an upper caste mob attacked a Dalit community in the northern state of Rajasthan. The next day the injured…...

Malaysia university students hold ‘Back to Fitrah’ forum for LGBT

Malaysia Back to Fitrah forum

MALAYSIA: Muslim Students’ Association of Universiti Sains Malaysia recently held a forum to explain disorders in sexual orientation. The forum, titled ‘Back to Fitrah’, emphasized the importance of natural instincts and sought to guide those influenced by the LGBT. In the library of the university’s mosque, Abdul Hadi Radzi, a second-year English major at USM…...