Day: February 15, 2016

Indonesia hosts UN-OIC meet on Jerusalem


JAKARTA – A two-day International Conference on the “Question of Jerusalem” was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on Dec. 14-15 under the theme “Addressing the present and shaping the future” of the city also known as Al-Quds Al-Sharif…....

In Besieged Syrian Town, Peace Talks Seen As Pointless

UN vehicles carrying aid to Madaya

UN vehicles carrying aid to Madaya seen on Jan. 11 in Damascus, Syria. – Reuters DESPITE the international outcry over widespread starvation in Syria, the United Nations has not been able to mediate an end to the seige tactics there, darkening the already bleak outlook for peace talks the UN hopes to convene this month…....

Muslims Rescue & Mosques Shelter Flood Victims in India

chennai floods

CHENNAI,the southern metropolis of India, experienced the highest rainfall in 100 years on Dec. 1 last year. Over a week of heavy downpour, the gates of the flooded dams were opened and parts of the city drowned with water reaching two storeys in some areas. As Chennai faced a severe crisis with many homes being…...