Taste From The Past: Hais


HAIS is a recipe from Baghdad. It is served as a dessert or an appetizer.

It also serves as good energy food while travelling for example, as it can stay for a long period without going bad and is full on the stomach.

Hais is also a health way to satisfy your sweet tooth!


- 2 cups crushed biscuits

- 500 grams fresh or preserved dates

- 1/3 cup ground almonds

- 1/3 cup ground pistachios

- 4 tablespoon of butter or more if desired

- Enough sugar or desiccated coconut for garnishing

- Honey as needed


1. If you don’t have preserved dates, then take fresh dates and remove the seeds from them.

2. In a large pan, melt butter (2 to 3 tablespoons) and add the dates. Heat the dates until soft; don’t cook them.

3. Mash the dates into thick paste when they are hot, or else grind them in a food processor.

4. Add butter, nuts, and biscuits to the dates and knead by hand or in a food processor until well mixed.

4. Take a small piece of the date mixture and roll it out into balls. Or, you can get creative and make different shapes as you like!

5. Garnish the balls or shapes with sugar or coconut as you desire, dipping them in honey so that the garnish sticks.


(This dish is not only nice for serving guests as dessert, but can also be taken while travelling, as it does not go bad.)

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