The Amazing Way Fasting Reduces Evil In Us


ONE of the best and heartwarming scenes of Ramadan is that of a fasting person, who previously couldn’t get rid of music, movies and other unlawful acts, is now able to live without all of that peacefully.

It’s astounding to see a fasting person, who usually never enters the masjid, except on a Friday or Eid, praying five times a day in Ramadan. Not only that, he may even stand in Qiyam at night.

Have you ever wondered why that happens? Allah’s blessing of Ramadan and the presence of eeman are certainly factors. However, what may be contributing is fasting itself!

Ibn Taymmiyah very brilliantly explains why this happens:

"Fasting humiliates and weakens the Shaytaan; it weakens the effects of his whispers (waswaas) on a person and reduces his sins. That is because the Shaytaan ‘flows through the son of Adam like blood’ as the Prophet  said, but fasting narrows the passages through which the Shaytaan flows, so his influence grows less." [Majmoo’ al-Fatawa, 25/246,]

Fasting vanquishes evil desires evoked by shaytaan because it narrows the bloodstream and Shaytaan flows in the son of Adam like blood, so fasting extinguishes his whispers and defeats evils like lust, anger and other sins. This is a reason is why the Prophet  made fasting, a shield for a man who in desire can’t afford marriage.

Allah’s creation is vast and innumerable. But man is the most amazing creation of all.

“And We have certainly honored the children of Adam and carried them on the land and sea and provided for them of the good things and preferred them over much of what We have created, with [definite] preference.”  [Surah Al-Isra, 17:70]

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