Jordan Completes Restoration Work At Al-Aqsa

The mosaic walls inside the Dome of the Rock have been restored through a project funded by Jordan. — File photo

AMMAN Jerusalem’s Awqaf Department and Awqaf Council announced in the end of 2016 the completion of “two historic projects” as part of the Hashemite restoration for Al- Aqsa Mosque, the Jordan News Agency reported.

The first project involved the restoration of the mosaic in the Dome of the Rock, which began in 2008, and the second project was the restoration of the mosaic at the Qibli (southern) Mosque of Al Aqsa, which began in 2014.

A delegation headed by Raef Najem, a member of the Hashemite Fund for the Restoration of Al Aqsa Mosque and a former awqaf minister, visited Jerusalem for the official ceremony to mark the projects’ completion.

During the ceremony, Najem said Al-Aqsa currently faces “the worst forms of injustice” and attempts by the Israeli occupation authorities to block the restoration process, and alter its features and identity.

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