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Alhamdulillah, we are happy to bring to you our 7th issue. Our PDF is designed to be an easy read on mobile devices and interactive.

Inside the latest issue:

News, Halal Tourism and Islamic Economy

Hijrah: Why Muslim countries should welcome Muslim immigrants? By Faraz Omar

Treasures of Memorizing the Qur'an By Bushra Wangde

Marriage advice in the Qur'an By Salmah Shahnawaz

The Modern 'Hijab' By Naailah Diauddin

Successful Women in Islam: The four best women to ever live 
By Zara Andleeb

And more!

Sha'ban 1438 / May 2017

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Our Latest Hajj Issue is Free!


Alhamdulillah, we are happy to bring to you our 5th issue. Our PDF is designed to be an easy read on mobile devices and interactive with page links. For a limited time, the Hajj issue is available for FREE! Share it with your family and friends.

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Share Your Hajj Miracle


Hajj pilgrims have a number of inspiring and emaan-boosting stories to tell! We are asking readers around the world to share your story of Hajj: any special blessing, help or miracle that you experienced in this journey of a lifetime.
We will compile your stories and share them with the world, In sha Allah! Fill out the form below:

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Looking for Print?


Muslim Ink is a non-profit. We’ve been trying hard to launch our magazine in print but are coming across one challenge after another. 

Why print? Because:

1. We want Muslim Ink to be available in a variety of formats In-sha Allah.

2. Although digital is a strong medium that we are focusing on, print has its own charm.

3. There are certain advantages of print like less distraction while reading (there are no multiple tabs or browsers seeking your attention all the time!).

Get a taste of our magazine by downloading our Ramadan issue in PDF.

If you too want to read us in print and will be ready to pay in advance an yearly subscription when we launch (whenever Allah makes it possible In-sha Allah), let us know in the contact form below :)

Better Online Experience


The first two issues of Muslim Ink were produced as a traditional magazine. We designed for print and offered the same for our online readers in the form of an app and PDF. Our Ramadan issue was downloaded hundreds of times, alhamdulillah.

What we have quickly realized however is that the PDF does not offer the best online reading experience. Flipping through a 90-page magazine in print is effortless and may even be pleasurable, but scrolling through a PDF isn't quite the same. 

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