Study: Muslim Women Are Main Decision-Makers In Halal Tourism

muslim women

MUSLIM WOMEN are the decision-makers when it comes to halal tourism. That’s one of the highlights from the Halal Travel 2016 report.

The study, commissioned by travel technology company Amadeus, revealed that women play an influential role in the travel decision-making process and planning. They have a key role in destination choice.

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Thailand’s First Halal Hotel Goes Beyond Food And Drink To Welcome Muslims


BANGKOK:Thailand’s first halal hotel, Al Meroz Hotel, was opened at the beginning of 2016.

Hotel accommodations, dining and leisure facilities have been specially created for Muslims. “All meals in our restaurants are halal certified and the hotel is non-alcoholic,” CEO Rausak Mulsap said.

The property features 242 rooms and suites, three restaurants, a large outdoor swimming pool, gymnasium and meeting rooms.

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Beautiful Bosnia


Ottomans introduced Islam to the Balkans at a large scale in the mid 15th century. The majority of Bosnians embraced Islam under the 400-year rule of the Ottomans.

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Philippines Seriously Pursuing the Halal Tourism Market


HALAL tourism looks set to become a key component of wider sector growth in the Philippines, as the government moves to support the segment’s development through a major investment drive. The halal tourism market is projected to be worth $238bn by 2019, up from around $145bn in 2014.

The Philippines has sharpened its focus on tourism in recent years. The country welcomed 5.4m visitors in 2015, up 11% on the previous year’s figures. Approximately 566,000, or 10.5% of arrivals, hailed from countries with a significant Muslim population, according to data issued by the Department of Tourism (DoT) in February.

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‘UAE missing out on halal tourism’

UAE missing out on halal tourism

ABU DHABI: The UAE has been missing out on a huge opportunity in the burgeoning halal tourism market, which is growing at double the rate of conventional tourism, according to an industry specialist.

“Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah are part of a hugely strong brand – the UAE – but they offer very little for halal tourists,” Elnur Seyidli, the chairman of, told the World Halal Travel Summit in Abu Dhabi on Monday.

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Qatar History & Tourism: How Islam Came To Qatar


QATAR used to be a Christian Kingdom. Prophet Muhammad  sent the following letter in 7AH (see image) to King Almunthir ibn Sawi, the ruler of Qatar (which was part of the Kingdom of Bahrain, including Kuwait, Oman, UAE and Eastern Saudi):

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful. From Muhammad the messenger of Allah to Almunthir ibn Sawi, Salamu Alaik.

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My Trip To Turkey (Part 2)


OUR second day at Istanbul (during our visit in the end of December) brought sunny skies along with heavy winds. Despite the warmth of the sun, the weather remained just as chilly, and still required a three-layered ensemble with gloves and scarves. The weather was pleasant enough to wander around and take a good long look at our surroundings, which consisted of a beautiful garden that had to be crossed before making our way to the docks.

gardenA Walk in the Garden

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My Trip to Turkey (Part 1)

sultanAhmed mosque

Travelling has always been one of my hearts biggest desires. I yearn to explore the world, revel in different cultures, observe the differences of each country from the one I call home, and the one I was born in.

Travelling, however was not something I had easy access to. Due to a menagerie of reasons, my escapades were limited to my home country - which I would visit every year, and the country I called home for the remainder of the year. My heart still ached to traverse outside of these limitations.

Two decades later, however, Allah granted my yearnings, and I was to travel to Turkey on the 20th of December for a week-long stay, and I couldn't be happier.

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A Dream Come True: My Journey to Al-Aqsa


First sight of the Dome of Rock. [All photos by author unless stated otherwise]

I JOINED the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in June 2013 as the veterinarian mandated to provide humanitarian vet assistance to the local population of south Lebanon. Since reaching this beautiful country, I always prayed to Almighty Allah to give me an opportunity to visit Al Bait Al Maqdis and by His immense grace my dream turned into a reality when I landed at Jerusalem on 13 June, 2014.


The Indian Hospice was the place where I decided to stay while being in Jerusalem. This place was built by the Indian government in 1924 and Sheikh Munir Ansari (seen in picture with the author: bottom right), who is originally from Saharanpur, UP, India, is the present administrator of this hospice. It is a beautiful and comfortable place to stay in Jerusalem, approximately 10-minute walk from Al Aqsa, located within the walled old city just inside the Herod’s gate. I reached the Indian Hospice at midnight on 13/14 June and was received by Br. Nazeer Ansari who was still awake at 1:30 am, waiting for me to arrive.

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