Huda Thahir

Like my mother, and most of the women who have inspired me in my life, I have a passion and love for teaching. I had the opportunity to put this passion to use for four brilliant years when I volunteered as a teacher in Dar Yanabee'a Al Jinan, WAMY, Riyadh, where I got to not only teach, but also to host, emcee, judge, act in, AND organize a number of events (and discover many hidden talents along the way, I might add).

But as all good times must come to an end, that chapter of my life ended when I got married to the man of my dreams and moved to Jeddah where I now try and teach my dishes not to dirty themselves- to no avail. I am pursuing my BA in Islamic studies and am a certified Teacher in the Montessori, Early Childhood education system.

I am also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Enlightenment Magazine, hosted by Dar Yanabee'a Al Jinan, WAMY; a pre-teen and teen based magazine with big dreams. My aspiration in life is to encourage and motive teenagers to overcome bullying, and to stand up for themselves and their beliefs. And to have a spotless house for more that 24 hours, but oh well!

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