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Fitnah of Internet: Islamic Tips for Spending Time Online

Jan 28, 2015 Rahla Khan
MUSLIMS are spending a great deal of their time online – according to Professor Gary…

Water Clocks & How Al Jazari’s Castle Clock Works

Jan 26, 2015 Editors
WATER CLOCKS, among the earliest timekeepers created by mankind, were initially used as…

11 Easy Tips to Forgive Yourself and Others

Jan 26, 2015 Fatima Omar
WHEN I was a little girl, my parents taught me to “forgive and forget”. For me, this was…

Al Jazari: The Great Muslim Inventor & Engineer

Jan 22, 2015 Editors
THE most brilliant engineering mind of his time, Al Jazari was a genius remembered for…

Who is Muhammad ﷺ: What Charlie Hebdo Won't Tell You

Jan 19, 2015 Faraz Omar
IT was 1433 years ago, when a man in Makkah – ridiculed and persecuted by his people –…

Why the Hijab Scares N̶o̶n̶-̶Muslim Men

Jan 18, 2015 Ikram Mohamed
IT is not pleasant shedding light on the unattractive mindset of others, but if this…

Is the Qur’an easy only for Arabs?

Dec 30, 2014 Rahla Khan
“And indeed, We have made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, then is there any that will…

Eating Less: Science Validates Sunnah Yet Again

Dec 30, 2014 Rahla Khan
DO you know that scientists have recently found that eating less leads to a healthier and…
islamic medicine

Medieval Islamic Medicine & 4 Natural Syrup Recipes

Dec 29, 2014 Noor AlQahtani
THE Islamic era from the 14th to 16th centuries CE was dubbed the golden age due to the…

Islam & Christianity: Similarities and Differences

Dec 24, 2014 Faraz Omar
DO you know that Muslims believe Christianity and Islam share the same divine roots? Here…

Sakeenah: A tale that needs to be heard

Dec 22, 2014 Muslimah Poetess
— FICTION — Grocery check, electricity bills check, mamma's tablets check, net…

Repentance in Islam: How can you give up when Allah doesn't?

Dec 21, 2014 Sadia Junaid
WE ALL SIN. Some of us commit sins publicly, while some privately. We all get deviated,…

Picmic: Lie Today, Face Tomorrow!

Dec 19, 2014 Naoma Khan
Story by Sayema Zulfeqar / Produced by Naoma Khan

Why ‘Muhammad’ is the most popular name among Muslims

Dec 15, 2014 Faraz Omar
HOW many Muslims do you know whose name, or at least one of his two names, is Muhammad?…

Veiled Murder of the Woman or the Niqab?

Dec 14, 2014 Faraz Omar
SO, a woman in niqab murdered an American lady in the washroom in the UAE and the local…

A Dream Come True: My Journey to Al-Aqsa

Dec 06, 2014 Editors
By Dr. Muhammad Adil Yaqub First sight of the Dome of Rock. [All photos by author unless…

Why She is Not Good Enough

Dec 02, 2014 Huda Thahir
SHE made her way around the party, making the necessary greetings, smiling and waving at…
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Seas that Sparkle! Allah's Amazing Creation

Nov 30, 2014 Editors
Just when we think we have seen it all, the amazing creation of Allah, Al-Mussawir, The…

Muslim Burger King outlet owner turns in whopping $100,000

Nov 29, 2014 Publisher
Altaf Chaus, owner of a Burger King outlet in San Jose, US If you were a cleaner at…

In Marriage of Ali and Fatimah are Lessons for the Ummah

Nov 20, 2014 Faraz Omar
“Do you know that offers are being made to the Messenger of Allah ﷺ‎ for Fatimah?” asked…

The Right Way to do Ruqyah

Nov 18, 2014 Sister Aiysha
Jump to: Introduction Different Cures Impermissible Ruqyah Permissible Ruqyah Ruqyah is a…

Meaning and Tafseer of Bismillah (بسم الله)

Nov 17, 2014 Editors
Translation of بسم الله 'In (or With) the name of Allah'. [Note: The full phrase…

Winter: A Season for Worship & Charity

Nov 16, 2014 Editors
The Prophet ﷺ is reported to have said: “Winter is the best season for the believer. Its…

From 2 Mosques to 200: Growth of Islam in Japan

Nov 14, 2014 Editors
A Muslim boy breaks his fast during Ramadan last year at the Tokyo Mosque. – Reuters…

Learning from the Lives of Rich Muslims (Sahaba)

Nov 13, 2014 Rahla Khan
WE'VE all heard stories from the lives of the early Muslims with regard to their patience…

Dubai: Global halal food standards must be consistent

Nov 13, 2014 Editors
Dubai: Halal food sector across the globe will need to be integrated through uniform…

The Two Seas (kinds of people) in Palestine (the world)

Nov 13, 2014 Huda Thahir
Dead Sea (left) and Jordan River AS I was reading the other day, I came across an excerpt…

Muslim charity 'stops us stealing to eat’

Nov 13, 2014 Editors
Osman Gondal (right) shakes hands with a service user earlier this year A man in…

Al Aqsa Mosque Through The Ages

Nov 11, 2014 Editors
Al Aqsa Mosque When Prophet Muhammad ﷺ received the command from God to lead the Muslim…

Stay fit even if you're at the computer desk 24/7

Nov 10, 2014 Editors
SITTING for prolonged periods of time has negative effects on health, with a 14-year…

Letter to the friend who won't answer their phone

Nov 10, 2014 Rahla Khan
I KNEW I had to get across to you somehow when you wouldn't answer phone calls or emails…

Comics: Rice Bucket Challenge!

Nov 10, 2014 Naoma Khan

The Thamud to TE Lawrence, the Who’s Who of Wadi Rum

Nov 10, 2014 Editors
Wadi Rum also known as The Valley of the Moon is the largest valley in Jordan, cut into…
mother child

4 qualities I believe a mother must have

Nov 09, 2014 Editors
I'M not a mother. But I've been blessed with a great one for almost a quarter century.…

Brittany Maynard & 'Right to Die': Who gets to choose?

Nov 06, 2014 Rahla Khan
THIS Monday, as I was skimming through my Facebook feed, I read: "Goodbye to all my dear…

Miracles of Allah: His Creation in Close Up (Macro)

Nov 06, 2014 Editors
Subhan Allah, one of the most amazing aspects of Allah’s creation is the incredible level…